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Carburetor rebuilding service2009-08-03

We do chainsaw carburetor work.

$40 Basic Package Includes: cleaning, inspection, gasket and diaphram kit, return postage.

$50 Deluxe Package Includes: cleaning, inspection, gasket and diaphram kit, replacment of all broken or worn out ‘hard’ carburetor parts, return postage.

If you send us a carb that is beyond repair we will let you know. We won’t throw your money away rebuilding something that will never work anyway.

Because we don’t have your chainsaw here to run the carb and make final adjustments we will set the adjustments to factory. In almost every case you will have to dial the adjustments in after you recieve and install the carb.

Rebuilding a carburetor will not magically fix other problems on your chainsaw. If your saw doesn’t run before the rebuild, and still won’t run afterwards, that is not our fault.

Expect us to have it here for 1-2 weeks. Add a week to that if we have to order in your carb kit. Add to that shipping time back and forth.

We can do carbs made from the 1960’s up to today. Including but not limited to: Tillotson HC HJ HL HK HS HT HU Walbro HD HDA HDB HDC SDC WA WB WG WJ WS WT MDC WY ZAMA C1 C1S C1Q C1U C2 C2S C3A If you don’t see your carburetor on the list, or don’t even know what it is just contact us.