Orders Over $150 Ship For Free Within The USA



We take trade-ins and buy chainsaws outright.2009-07-29

Trade Ins

Shipping costs make this prohibitive but some folks do still want to send in their unwanted chainsaws and parts. If we approve your stuff for trade-in we can guarantee a store credit of at least 10% over the shipping cost. For example if you sent in a box of parts and it cost you $10 at the post office, you would get at least an $11 credit from us. Of course some trade-ins will qualify for a much higher trade-in value. We can not price trade-ins without a hands-on inspection.

Buying Chainsaws Cash

We buy large lots of chainsaws, parts saws, used parts and NOS parts. If you are in New England and have a substaintial (at least a pickup truck full) amount of chainsaw stuff, or are a closed dealer we will come to you. Outside New England we can arrange freight for whole, New Parts Inventories. It is not cost effective for us to have large amounts of used chainsaws delivered to us by freight.