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Bars and Chains

Guide bars. Huge selection of: New Old Stock, Discontinued, Discounted, and older hard to find bars. All quantities limited on new bars listed here.

If you want chain with your bar call the shop to order so we make sure that you get the right product for your needs. We do custom chains and stock chains in most pitches and gauges.

We can also get regular in stock bars from GB, Silverstreak, Oregon, Windsor, and Carlton.

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15" Professional Roller Nose Partner Chainsaw Bar 3/8" .058ga 371115 NEW D009

 15" Professional replaceable sprocket nose bar. 371115 and 371151  USES this 58DL chain if you have an 8 or 9 tooth sprocket.  Use a 56 drivelink chain for a regular 7 tooth sprocket.  Great for racing saws and speed cut competition.  NEW  Fits many Partner 55cc 65cc 70cc 85cc 100cc models.  S5...

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Oregon 72 EXL 066 050 ga. chainsaw chain, new

Oregon 3/8 pitch, 66 drive link, 050 gauge 'full comp' chain, new in box.

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Oregon Powermatch 18" Professional Sprocket Nose Partner Chainsaw Bar 3/8" .058ga 188RNDD010 (RDFB)

 18" Professional replaceable sprocket nose bar.   NEW  Fits many Partner 55cc 65cc 70cc 85cc 100cc models.  S50 S55 S65 F55 F65 R16 R17 R19 R420 R420t R421 R421t P70 P7000 7000 + P85 R440 R35 R435 R435t and many others Partner 550, 650, 1655, 2055, 7000, P-55, P-65, P-70, P-85, P-100, R-11, R-...

$29.95 - $69.95