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Tuning and Repairs

Fiberglass Repair of Plastic Chainsaw Parts2009-06-08

Fiberglass/Epoxy repair for plastic parts and gas tanks:
1. Remove the gas tank or plastic cover from the saw.
2. Thoroughly clean the broken area with rubbing alcohol or another quick evaporating solvent.
3. Apply a thin coat of 2 part epoxy (one that says it’s recommended for bonding plastics on the package) to the broken area extending ½” past the break. Mix the epoxy before applying it to the part.
4. Cut a piece of fiberglass window screen to fit over the previously epoxied area and apply it to the plastic part.
5. Cover the fiberglass screen with a liberal coat of epoxy like a 1/8” or more thick.
6. Place a piece of wax paper over the exoxy and form the epoxy into a nice smooth streamlined shape by pressing on the other side of the wax paper.
7. Wait about 30 minutes then remove the wax paper.
8. Allow the repair to cure for at least 48 hours before subjecting it to fuel.

This works for most repairs but really depends on how well you clean the part before repairing it. Sometimes, in high stress areas it doesn’t work at all. Good luck.