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Tillotson HK Carburetor Kit

$6.95 USD

Gasket and diaphragm kit for Tillotson HK series carburetors.

Replaces Tillotson DG-1HK

The following models of chainsaw used HK series carburetors, but check to make sure before you place your order. Some models of chainsaw used carburetors from more than one manufacturer.

P55, Pro 55, Pro 55e, Pro 56, P65, Pro 65, Pro 65E, Pro 66

112, 114, 117, 113

410, 450, 525, 451 E EV,

945 AV F, 950 AV F DF, 946, 944,

55, 65

And others….

If you can’t ID your carb just ask me. Look for numbers stamped on your carb like below. Look for a “HK” that is either directly followed by some numbers and letters, or where numbers and letters are on a line below. The numbers and letters that folow that, identify the exact make, HK23 for example.

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