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Craftsman / catcher

We have used craftsman chainsaw parts for most makes and models. 917. denotes Roper built craftsman chainsaws, 358. denotes poulan built chainsaws. We have lots of used chainsaw parts for different models of craftsman 3.7 chainsaws

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craftsman 20", 46cc chainsaw chain catcher stop

Part: chain catcher Condition: good used/working shape-has some dings Fits: Craftsman (poulan built) 20", 46cc chainsaws with model #: 358.350203, 358.350202 and some other models

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poulan built craftsman chainsaw model # 358.350480 chain catcher

Part: chain catcher stop Condition: good used/working shape Fits: Poulan built Craftsman chainsaw, model # 358.350480. 2.6 cu.in. / 42cc. 18 in

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Craftsman 18" 2.2 cid Chainsaw Chain Catcher/Stop

Part: Chain catcher/stop Condition: Good used/working shape Fits: Poulan built Craftsman 18" 2.2 cid Model # 358.351380