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Chainsawr Piston and Cylinder Kits / piston ring

The Chainsawr's aftermarket piston and cylinder kits are the perfect combination of quality and economy.  

Every one of our kits is produced to our higher than standard specifications and inspected by us for correct fitment and quality. 

We have used and installed every make and model combination we carry on our own saws and repairs here at the shop to absolutely verify that they work and fit well.

The quality of the cut, cast iron rings on our pistons and sold individually is equal to OEM from any premium manufacturer.


We feel there are 2 problems that affect aftermarket parts in general but especially cylinders.

#1:  Tons of them are made wrong, and sold retail by people who have no idea what they are looking at or how to test it, so the customer ends up with a part that doesn't work.   We have tried and regularly use everything we sell and screen every cylinder we go through personally for problems, so we don't have that issue.  We have literally recycled hundreds of incorrectly made brand new parts here over the years in our screening and testing of new products.
#2 Most aftermarket parts are sold directly to consumers, not to trained dealers who are knowledgeable about servicing the product.  For example, say your top end got scored because the carburetor is set too lean and your fuel filter is plugged.  Many consumers who would just buy an aftermarket top end kit and throw it in to fix the problem don't know enough to troubleshoot and fix the underlying problem.  So, the new parts score again.  Then the untrained consumer blames it on the new parts, and the aftermarket parts gain undeserved bad reputation.  Be sure to correct the problem that caused the top end to score in the first place!
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piston ring 1.5mm x 49mm new, after-market (bin 519)

  Part: piston ring. 1.5mmx49mm Condition: new, aftermarket part Location: box 519

$3.74 - $4.99