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Zama gnd-27 chainsaw carburetor kit

$10.95 USD

Gasket and Diaphragm set

Replaces OEM Zama #GND-27

The following used Zama c1Q series carburetors, but check your carburetor first to make sure before placing an order. Some models of chainsaw used carburetors from more than one manufacturer:

ZAMA C1Q-D13,A; C1Q-DM14; C1Q-E5A; C1Q-E5B; C1Q-H14,A-B; C1Q-H17,A-D; C1Q-H19,A-C; C1Q-H27; C1Q-H32A; C1Q-H35; C1Q-H42; C1Q-H42; C1Q-H44; C1Q-H45; C1Q-M24; C1Q-M25; C1Q-M26; C1Q-M39; C1Q-W2A; C1Q-W5,A-C; C1Q-W6,A-C and C1Q-W8 carburetors

If you can’t ID your carb just ask me. Look for numbers and the word Zama stamped on your carb.